This is the schedule for WordCamp Nepal 2015 happening on Nov 21st, 2015 at Nepal Administrative Staff College. Each speaker session will be approximately 25 mins with 5 mins break per session. Panel discussions will be around 45 mins. You can ask anything relevant that you wish to in these sessions. Contribution sessions are about 85 mins where you will be doing some coding review and configurations. If you want to attend contribution session, please do not forget to bring your own laptops!!

Time Hall 1 Hall 2
9:00 am Registration Opens, Tea / Snacks
10:00 am Opening Remarks
10:15 am Website Conversion
Amit Bajracharya
Theme Review (Contribution Session)
Pratik Lal Shrestha
Sweta Shrestha
Suwash Kunwar

(10:15 AM – 11:45 AM)

10:45 am 10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Bloggers
Raushan Jaiswal
11:15 am Accessible WordPress(ing)
Sakar Upadhyaya Khatiwada
11:45 pm LUNCH BREAK
1:00 pm WordPress for Career (Panel Discussion)

Alina Kakshapati
Chandra Maharzan
Roshan Bhattarai
Sakin Shrestha
Yam B Chhetri

Theme Development (Contribution Session)
Nilambar Sharma
Santosh Kunwar
Bipin Singh

(1:00 PM -2:15 PM)

1:50 pm Building a Freemium Plugin
Bryce Adams
2:20 pm Woocommerce: An E-Commerce Solution for WordPress
Digamber Pradhan
Plugin Ideas (Contribution Session)
Rakesh Lawaju
Abiral Neupane
Regan Khadgi

(2:20 PM – 3:15 PM)

2:50 pm Transparency report: Sharing the secret of WordPress Themes/Plugins Business
Arjun Singh Thakuri

3:15 pm TEA BREAK
3:40 pm How did I diagnosed WordPress attacks
Roshan Bhattarai
Plugin Development (Contribution Session)
Rakesh Lawaju
Abiral Neupane
Regan Khadgi

(3:40 PM – 4:05 PM)

4:10 pm Better WordPress Theme Workflow
Rajeeb Banstola