Meet with our enthusiastic Speakers of WordCamp Nepal 2015

Raushan Jaiswal

Raushan Jaiswal is the founder of Codewing Solutions, a web service and digital marketing company. He is also co-founder of Rara Themes, a theme development company.

He has been using WordPress since 2011 and is a big fan of WordPress’s simplicity! He was a volunteer in WordCamp 2012 and a speaker in WordCamp Nepal 2013.

He is also a blogger and regularly blogs at http://trekroute.com/ and http://publicspeakingresources.com/

Topic: 10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Bloggers
Raushan will talk about 10 different WordPress that are useful for bloggers. His talk would be from his personal experience with the plugins.

Target Audience: Bloggers, potentials bloggers, WordPress enthusiasts, WordPress Beginners

Bipin Singh

WordPress Enthusiast, Passionate Coder, Electronic Engineer and an Adventure Lover all the way from Dhangadhi. May it be simple day to day stuffs or a Premium Theme Development, I like to do it as perfectly as possible. I’m a friendly guy who is working as Theme Developer at ThemeGrill and loves sharing ideas with people.

Topic: Theme Development (Contribution Session)

Target Audience: WordPress Newbie

Roshan Bhattarai

Roshan Bhattarai is a Tech Entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Proshore and is working as a CTO in the same. He has co-authored PHP Ajax Cookbook from Packt Publishing. He is also co-owner of Styled Themes and ExportFeed .
Sometime, he writes about web development stuffs on his blog as well.

Topic : How did I diagnosed WordPress attacks
About topic : Roshan is going to talk about how he analyzed and diagnosed two major problems which he faced on his WordPress site’s. One of them was a script which was sending spam emails and causing server overload while other problem was brute force attack to other WordPress websites.

Target Audience : This topic can be very useful to those developer who are responsible for managing and maintaining their own web server.

Chandra Maharzan

Chandra is a founder of Nhuja Concepts where he brews up unique ideas for the web. He is also a WordPress Developer and works for Graph Paper Press whose work has been recognized by big guys in the web such as WordPress.com, Mashable, Smashing Magazine and Digital Photographer. He has been interviewed by various web magazines as top WordPressers around the world. Most recently by CodePoet and HeroPress. His themes have regularly appeared as Top 10 most popular themes on WordPress.com and WordPress.org and have been used by top web companies like Mozilla.

Besides these, he is one of the active members working for the WordPress community here in Nepal. He was the lead organizer for three consecutive WordCamps and monthly WordPress meetups here in Nepal since 2011. He is also one of the co-organizers for WordCamp Nepal 2015. His main focus for the selfless community work is to send the message that people can make a healthy living via WordPress and there are other alternatives than just going abroad with one reason or the other.

He believes in the theory that if more people are into developing platforms like WordPress, more jobs we can pull into Nepal which will eventually create more jobs for other Nepalis. We will be creating entrepreneurs and this will itself be one big industry. This could, then, lead to a big sigh of relief in the country’s ever going downward economy…. and this is not limited to theory at this point, ithas already started to gain momentum.

Topic: Career in WordPress

Target audience: An enthusiast who has just started his career in WordPress or someone who is relatively new to it.

Bryce Adams

Bryce Adams is a nomadic coder (currently based in Melbourne, Australia) working for Automattic on the biggest WooCommerce store in the world – WooThemes.com. He has spoken about WordPress at several events, including WordCamp Europe, WordCamp Kansai & WordCamp Mumbai. He loves open source software, building useful products and interacting with the community! In his spare time, he’s either traveling the world and attending WordPress events or building small products that try to push the boundaries of everyday development.

Topic: Building a Freemium Plugin
When it comes to making a living from WordPress products, creating a free plugin with premium extensions is a proven method. Better yet, WordPress users have access to a quality plugin that’s free, open-source and always improving. I’ll be talking in detail about the freemium model, showing examples of freemium plugins like WooCommerce and demonstrating how you can do the same thing with your WordPress product!

Target Audience: Developers, Product Creators and Open-Source Contributors/Community

Yam B Chhetri

Yam Chhetri is the founder and CEO of Web Experts Nepal, a startup founded in 2012. Today, he is also deeply involved in many other technology companies including Acclaim Technology, CodePixelz Media.

Yam’s journey in the technology sector is a unique one. Born in Parbat, Yam has been working ever since he completed 10th grade. After jobs in Hetauda and India, he came back to Nepal in 2003, with the intention of migrating to the Middle East to create a better life. However, through people he knew, he ended up joining Digital Max Solutions, a technology startup, where he was involved in the management side of the company. He made use of any opportunity that came his way, and learnt from other employees the nitty gritty of how to handle client relationships and manage projects.

Starting with little formal education, and no technology background, Yam’s story is a proof that there are opportunities for people who are willing to work hard, learn and go beyond the job description. In the WordCamp Nepal 2015, his contribution as a co-organizer along with taking lead in Volunteer and Event management is remarkable. He will also be participating in the panel discussion on Career in WordPress. As part of the panel, Yam hopes to share his experiences and his journey so far.

Topic: Career in WordPress
In the panel discussion, panel members would be focusing on highlighting several careers one can choose from WordPress. They would be sharing their experiences on how they started their journey in WordPress and the challenges they have faced. If you are skeptic towards starting your career in WordPress, this is the right panel discussion session to seek clarifications.

Target audience: An enthusiast who has just started his career in WordPress or someone who is relatively new to it.

Rakesh Lawaju

I am a WordPress Enthusiast and developer working as a Team Lead at Web Experts Nepal. I am also a co-founder of WEN Solutions (wensolutions.com), a member of Acclaim Technology alliance. I enjoy learning new things and sharing knowledge with others.

Topic: WordPress Plugin Ideas and Development
Basically my session will focus on following topics:
1) WordPress plugin introduction and its importance.
2) Things to be considered while developing WordPress plugin
3) A WordPress plugin demonstration.

Target audience: My target audience are developers who want to grasp a basic knowledge on starting WordPress plugin development.

Alina Kakshapati

Alina Kakshapati is a WordPresser since 5 yrs and developing websites for more than 6 yrs. She is now working as Product Manager in Code Pixelz Media. Free flying, energetic, happy and stylish, this is what she is and this is what relflects in her work. She likes to create websites/themes that are awesome to the eyes and are easier for the brain.

Alina has been a speaker in WordCamp 2014 and also a co-organizer of WordCamp Nepal 2015, managing content for the whole event.

Topic: WordPress for Career (Panel discussion Team Member)

Target Audience: WordPress Newbie

Santosh Kunwar

Santosh Kunwar is a WordPress full stack Developer. He started his career as a PHP web developer and later work on many PHP frameworks. He is also known as CoderSantosh (http://codersantosh.com).

He is Co-Founder/Theme Developer of eVisionThemes, who mainly works in creating standard and user friendly WordPress Themes and Plugins. He loves doing research and innovating standard/new coding styles.

Topic: WordPress Theme Development

  • WordPress Theme Introduction and Importance
  • Explaining different files and functions used in WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Theme Development Process
  • Workshop to develop theme using _S starter theme

Targeted audience: PHP Developer, WordPress Developer, WordPress Theme Developer and everyone who wants to know about WordPress Themes

Abiral Neupane

Abiral is a Web Developer at Eagle Vision IT. He is a problem solver and person with strong perseverance. He likes to make something unique and creative

In his free time he likes to read about the latest trends that’s sweeping the web, spend time with his beloved guitar, and watch movies and series.

Topic: WordPress Plugin Development (Contribution Session)
This session will be covering introduction, guidelines, and plugin demonstration.

Target Audience: Developers who really want to grasp basic knowledge in plugin development.

Nilambar Sharma

Nilambar is Co-founder/CEO of WEN Themes ( http://wenthemes.com/ ). Basically he is involved in development of WordPress Themes and Plugins. He is actively working in WordPress for more than five years. He is an active theme reviewer for official WordPress Theme directory. He has been also contributing to WordPress core.

Topic: WordPress Theme Development
An important aspect of WordPress’s popularity is Theme. In WordPress, theme drive a website and determine what it contains, how it behaves and what it looks like. We will discuss how WordPress theme works, what are the best practices. Also we will discuss using _s starter theme to develop WordPress theme. New to WordPress? No problem.

Target: Every WordPress enthusiasts who want to dive into WordPress theme development

Regan Khadgi

Regan is an IT Engineering graduate who has been successfully contributing IT sector with his expertise in WordPress, PHP MVC framework and CI. He is WordPress Lead Plugin Developer at AccessPress Themes with 3+ years of service in the company along with experience of teaching IT skills to hundreds of younger generation IT enthusiasts. This ever smiling cool guy motivates his fellow colleagues and students to their work as he quotes, “Work as if tomorrow is holiday.”. For him, work is fun.

Beside his professional goals, he has a strong passion for music, especially guitar. He humorously says that he can play guitar with his eyes closed. He is found playing his guitar even in a short break of 10 minutes and creating soothing sound to make the office environment more pleasant. He spends his weekends and holidays with his dear guitar, singing songs, listening music and watching movies. He seems quite choosy with the movies that he opts for high IMDB rating only.

Topic: Contribution session on Plugin Development

Target Audience: WordPress Developers who are willing to take some steps forward towards Plugin Development

Suwash Kunwar

Suwash discovered WordPress in 2010 and started his career as a WordPress developer. He has an experience of building over 100+ multipurpose websites for clients and has a passion in fixing broken pieces of codes, bug fixings and website maintenance. He said “I have extraordinary feeling of accomplishment I have when I finally fix the broken piece”.

He is also a founder of WEN Solutions which is a member of Acclaim Technology alliance. He leads a dedicated team of experts all contributing in wordpress.org through plugin development,supports and theme reviews.

Session: WordPress Theme Review Contribution Session

Target Audience: WordPress Theme Developer, Beginners, WordPress Enthusiasts

Pratik Lal Shrestha

Pratik is a Web Strategist at Catch Themes, working on theme and plugin development. From an early age, writing code is what Pratik found really easy, fun and rewarding. He has been working on WordPress since 2013, and is a huge fan of the platform. He finds WordPress more fun than other platforms. The WordPress community is also very strong, and he gets a great sense of satisfaction when other people benefit from the themes he has worked on.

Pratik works mostly on theme development, but spends considerable time updating himself on new developments in WordPress, and contributing to the platform as a Plugin Developer, WordCamp Speaker, Translation Contributor, and a member of the Theme Review team.

Topic: WordPress Theme Review Contribution Session
I will be leading the workshop on WordPress Theme Review, where you will get hands-on experience and skills on how to conduct theme reviews on WordPress. Why should you contribute to theme review at all? There are many reasons. I have found it very rewarding to contribute to the community that has given us so much. In addition, theme review also helps enhance your own knowledge on proper coding techniques, and helps you stay up-to-date with new developments on the platform. Finally, we are all seeing long wait times for our themes to get approved on WordPress.org. It’s time to “Stop complaining and start reviewing”. We can all do our part to help decrease the gaps.

Target Audience: WordPress Theme Developer, Beginners, WordPress Enthusiasts

Sweta Shrestha

Sweta has been contributing to theme reviews at Catch Themes for over a year, and loves her work. A graduate of Information Management, Sweta chose technology for a career and hasn’t looked back since. In college, she enjoyed writing html code, and working on web design and layout. At Catch Themes she puts her experience with design, php, html, and css to good use as a theme reviewer. Sweta has understood the basics of theme development and code well, and is confident that she can work on theme development in the future.

Sweta is also a key contributor to WordCamp Nepal 2015, overseeing the financial aspect of the whole event.

Sweta was inspired by her husband to work in technology. She loves that her job allows her to learn something new, and inspires her every day.

Topic: WordPress Theme Review Contribution Session
I am one of the trainers for the Theme Review workshop. I will be taking you through the basics of theme review, showing you how to install, and connect databases, helping you understand the theme review guidelines, and giving tips on how to become a reviewer. There is a long queue of themes on WordPress.org waiting for their turn to be reviewed, and it would be great if you could come to this workshop and get involved.

Target Audience: Theme Developers, Beginners with Basic HTML and PHP, WordPress enthusiasts.

Sakin Shrestha

I am passionate about helping the technology sector in Nepal grow. I have started various technology companies focused on helping developers as well as clients. I entered the world of entrepreneurship in 2011 with my first venture, Catch Internet, which provides technology solutions. In 2012, I uploaded a free theme, Catch Box, to wordpress.org, which became wildly popular. So in 2012, I created Catch Themes to provide premium themes to clients who needed more functionality and support. I also founded Devote Press, a magazine that helps developers with in-depth tutorials. My most recent venture is Acclaim Technology, an umbrella organization of seven successful IT companies, formed to ensure a strong technology company that can provide a one-stop solution to our client’s technology needs.

To help Nepali theme developers access the international market, I have worked to create Theme Palace, a curated marketplace of themes. I also help organize regular WordPress meetups and WordCamps in Nepal, and speak at technology events in Nepal and abroad. Visit me online at: Sakinshrestha.com

Topic: Panel Discussion Career in WordPress
Together with fellow technology professionals, I will be discussing our experiences working with WordPress for a career.

Target audience:
An enthusiast who has just started his career in WordPress or someone who is relatively new to it.

​Amit Bajracharya

Amit Bajracharya is currently working in Project Management department at Leapfrog Technologies. He is also founder of www.thebootstrapthemes.com. He started the dribbble meetup in Nepal. Dribbble: Worldwide designers community.

Amit is a self taught designer and started designing from a young age with pencil sketch and sculpture. He started working professionally since 2008 and have worked with various IT companies. He had already worked in web design project both nationally and internationally. Beside design he loves to speak, eat, click and travel.

Topic: Website Conversion
Website conversion is the most important factor to the success of the online marketing strategy and goals. It means getting your visitors to do what you want them to do, whether that is to buy your product, theme, sign up for your newsletter, download, or fill out a lead/contact form.

Target audience: Theme Developers & Designers

Arjun Singh Thakuri

Arjun is a Tech entrepreneur & web consultant. Currently running a few web firms based in Kathmandu, which promote/empower small and medium businesses on the web via web design, application development, online promotion and social media branding.

He is founder of AccessPress Themes and have been busy making user friendly WordPress themes/plugins. He speaks in different entrepreneur forums to motivate people. In his free time he loves to provoke people around him for positive change.

Topic : Transparency report: Sharing the secret of WordPress Themes/Plugins Business
The presentation will cover:
> What is transparency report, why is it trending in WP community
> Inspiring transparency reports from WP companies.
> Transparency report of AccessPress Themes.

Target audience:
Those who are willing to start business in WordPress, WordPress themes/plugin store owners, product creators, marketers

Digamber Pradhan

He’s a WordPress developer at Web Experts Nepal, born and raised in Kathmandu Nepal. He loves finding new and innovative ways and techniques to bring life to the web.

Topic: Woocommerce: An E-Commerce Solution for WordPress
The areas I will be covering in my presentation are:
1) Introduction to E-Commerce for WordPress and WooCommerce as a solution for WordPress.
2) The Basics of WooCommerce.
3) Extending WooCommerce to meet your needs.

Target Audience:
My target audience is developers who are thinking about working with WooCommerce and the aim is to give them a head start.

Rajeeb Banstola

19 years old young WordPress Theme Developer working at ThemeGrill building awesome WordPress Themes.

Topic : Better WordPress Theme Development Workflow
Developing WordPress theme is a fun task. But there are certain annoying and repetitive task we need to do all the time. I’ll be talking about some brilliant tools I use to speed up my development workflow. Utilizing Automation and Latest Tools we can save quite a bit of time.

Target Audience: WP Theme Developers

Sakar Upadhyaya Khatiwada

A PHP based web developer who loves Socializing, Codes, Food, and Road-trips. He is usually busy with his office (Proshore Nepal) works which primarily involves working with different PHP frameworks and WordPress Themes and Plugins on weekdays. Doing research on new stuffs in his free time, even on weekends is his coolest hobby.

Topic: Accessible WordPress(ing)
Accessible WordPress(ing) will be more about the Accessibility while Using, or Developing the WordPress site. I will be dealing what is Accessibility and importance of it, the things that should be looked into to make the existing WordPress site accessible.

Targeted audience: Mainly the developers and also the users who use WordPress